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What we do & what we are about

Dedicated to HealthTech, our mission is to enable innovation and growth within the Life Science sector. We don’t just advise, we work alongside our clients to actually make change happen.

Technology areas

Supporting innovators, startups as well as large multinational companies
across the full life science spectrum

Medical Devices & Diagnostics


Connected Health


BioTech & Pharmaceuticals



Examples of services we offer

Medical need & Opportunity verification

Verifying true medical need and market potential for innovative technologies and product offerings

Go-to market Planning

Defining a winning approach for how to bring HealthTech innovations to market including definition of business model, sales channels & approach and pragmatic action planning

Market Access

Outlining product offer, pricing and positioning based on specific market characteristics and reimbursement structures as well as other key market requirements to fulfill


Support clients in ensuring regulatory compliance and drive successful implementation of MDR transition programs as well as setting out regulatory strategy

Analytics & Data management

Enable digital health through finding high-reward use-cases for new disruptive technologies and ensuring prerequisites such as management, governance and timely delivery of data


Support clients in securing private and public funding including support in developing communication material, valuation, soft funding applications and direct investor interactions

Partnering & Tech

Proven approach for successful partnering matchmaking and technology screening working with innovators, startups and established companies

Operational Support & Project Execution

Operative capacity needed to reach business objectives including e.g. implementation of major launch initiatives, leading product development projects, operative sales

Client case stories

From selected recent engagements


Product Development Roadmap

Triathlon was asked to support a Medtech actor to prioritize their development initiatives. The client’s request was fulfilled by refining their prioritization framework, prioritizing initiatives, and setting a development roadmap, creating clarity for them of today and the future.

Triathlon Healthtech

AI and Satellite Imagery in Aid

Researchers had developed an AI-powered way to measure sustainable development using satellite imagery to support operations and decision making for the aid sector. Triathlon delivered a market analysis to confirm the solution’s commercial potential and key success factors.

Life Science

Health-tech industry analysis

A client with the mission to attract investors to Swedish Life science needed an overview of the Health Tech arena in a Swedish region. Triathlon identified and analyzed 170+ companies and created a presentation material to be used to promote the segment and companies to international investors. 

Life science

Investor Pitch for Connected Implant

The ability to clearly convey the value of your innovation to investors is key in the initial stages of a startup. In close collaboration with the client, Triathlon developed an investor pitch outlining an innovative ICT implant and its benefits to patients, thus enabling the next step in the client’s journey.

Novel Medical device for safer sedations

A group of medical and dental researchers had developed a medical device for airway patency during procedural sedation, enabling a safer and more predictable procedure. Triathlon assisted by investigating the market need and requirements, as well as finding relevant actors for future collaborations.


Life science

AI-Powered Platform for Edited Cell Lines

A research team had created an AI-powered search engine for CRISPR-Cas9 edited cell lines with ambition to expand to cell line sharing and delivery. Triathlon assisted by investigating the market need and potential for the platform as well as suggesting suitable business model setup.

Life science

Medtech Market Plan For Scale-up

A medtech scale-up was in the phase of broad commercialization and scale up. Triathlon supported the client to develop a market plan outlining the strategic efforts to enable future growth based upon a thorough analysis of the current state and growth levers.

Life science

Partner Analysis for Innovative Materials

A group of researchers developed a way to synthesize innovative materials that can be used to improve the performance of e.g., energy storage solutions. Triathlon assisted in identifying the industry and academic interest and provided recommendations for further development.

Life Science

Pipeline Portfolio Management

Triathlon supported a global medical device client to develop a framework for product pipeline portfolio management yielding a structured analysis and prioritization of new product ideas and product development programs.

Life Science

Medtech Market Planning

A global medical device company has grown rapidly in recent years and needed a market plan to structure future efforts. Triathlon supported the client in the assessment of the current situation and development of a strategic plan with key components in place

Life Science

Successful MDR implementation

A global medical device manufacturer had to adapt operations to comply with the new EU MDR. Triathlon established an enterprise-wide action plan and effective follow-up structure to drive implementation.

Life Science

Digital health development & launch

A large global medical device company had set a target to rapidly launch a new digital concept to remain competitive and leverage key industry trends. Triathlon supported with managing and coordinating a cross-functional team resulting in a successful launch that doubled initial sales target.

Life Science

U.S. expansion plan

To manage FDA requirements and outline the best way to market, Triathlon supported a Swedish MedTech company entering the U.S. with the development of a new business model for the U.S. market. The project resulted in an FDA approval and several contracts secured with major hospitals and clinics.

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