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Trending Topics

External Funding – CO2 Reduction

A client in the automotive industry sought support with the submission of applications for external funding for initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions. Triathlon facilitated this process by coordinating applications for transformational investments by identifying essential information, and ensuring alignment among project partner.

Business Value of an Energy Storage

A client, developing an innovative energy storage solution, wanted to define the business value of their product offerings. Triathlon provided an analysis in energy system operation which quantified the energy storage solution’s potential to improve variation management.

Prioritization of New Digital Initiatives

A client within the Port Industry wanted to understand how to expand their digital portfolio and enable synergies between offerings. Triathlon supported in developing a strategic framework to prioritize new initiatives and outlined these in a roadmap.

Defining Areas of Improvement

A client within the automotive industry wanted to improve their way of working and culture. Triathlon supported this endeavor by conducting an assessment to identify root causes to issues.

Navigating the Evolving Landscape of the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry has undergone a turbulent phase characterized by disruptions in sales and delivery capacity, including challenges like supply chain shortages and reduction of governmental incentives in key markets. As the industry experiences significant transformation and various factors impact its development and consumer purchasing behavior, OEMs face substantial demands to effectively navigate these issues and secure long-term success.

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Health-tech industry analysis

A client with the mission to attract investors to Swedish Life science needed an overview of the Health Tech arena in a Swedish region. Triathlon identified and analyzed 170+ companies and created a presentation material to be used to promote the segment and companies to international investors. 

Supply Chain Risk and Compliance

Facing constraints imposed by China on gallium & germanium, and import restrictions on Russian steel & iron, a client wanted to evaluate its suppliers’ supply chain resilience and transparency in order to update its strategy and ensure compliance. Triathlon was the interface towards suppliers and delivered a comprehensive market vulnerability analysis and a strategic game plan to effectively mitigate identified risks.

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Since 1994, Triathlon Group has delivered assignments to Nordic leading clients, internationally. Triathlon engages teams of delivery professionals and senior area/industry experts to set direction and make transformations happen, addressing pressing management issues and opportunities. Our teams are made up of carefully selected top achieving professionals, extensively trained and recognized in their fields, always putting clients first.

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